Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 - Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Review

So I decided it was time to opt for a .22 air rifle. A couple of weeks back, I was in Walmart looking around the sporting goods section. I actually had wanted to buy some .22lr ammo however, I was actually quite surprised that they didn't carry any, as my local Walmart had an abundant supply of every common ammunition in a few brands each. I looked at a Red Ryder, which I was interested in,  as well as a couple of knives, nothing special. Then, I spotted the Beeman Sportsman RS2 Dual Caliber Air Rifle, which came with a .177 barrel, a .22 barrel and a scope! It seemed interesting, and at just under 100 bucks, what a deal!I remembered a few days later that I had some gift cards that I never used. I wound up getting the rifle for just $16! Without further ado, here is the actual review.
The Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 showing both barrels.

First, the specs. (From Pyramid Air) <--- I really recommend them.

  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Weight: 6.90 lbs
  • Overall Length: 45.50"
  • Capacity: 1 round(s)
  • Cocking Effort:31 lbs
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Trigger adj.: Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Apprx. Trigger Pull: 3.50 lbs
  • Buttpad: Rubber
  • Suggested for: Small game hunting/plinking
  • Action: Break barrel
  • Powerplant: Spring-piston
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Repeater: Single-shot
  • Body: Rifle

Looks and Impressions - I must say, the Beeman RS2 is a very nice looking rifle. It wears a beautiful stock which looks and feels as if it should be on a much more expensive gun. The sights "look" nice with Truglo sights. I put that in quotations for a reason. I'll explain it in a bit. When the scope is put on and the entire package comes together, the Beeman RS2 looks like a very stylish, classy rifle.

Accuracy - I suppose accuracy leaves something to be desired. In the previous segment, I mentioned that the sights only "looked good". They didn't perform well. I shot and shot and found the proper hold, adjusted the sights and shot some more, but I just couldn't get any sort of grouping. I just couldn't get the sights on target. It's really unfortunate. Maybe my sights are defective, who knows? The thing is, they didn't appear to move no matter how much I adjusted them. I cant just say that all of the sights on these guns are defective, but mine sure seemed to be. Buyer Beware!! 

Accuracy (continued) And problems - After I got the scope set up, accuracy wasn't bad. I was getting approximately a .75-1 inch group at about 20 yards (after a lot of fine tuning). A lot is an understatement, I was trying to get the thing zeroed for 30 mins! I guess that not so bad for what the gun is. After a few shooting sessions, I had a problem. The rings seemed to have come loose. The scope started slipping back. But then, I noticed something strange, I could now see the sights through the scope, which is something I've never experienced before. I finally tried to fix the scope, but shortly after doing so, I continued to have the same problem and let me tell you, I tightened those rings more than I should have to try and fix it. I haven't shot the rifle in a while now, but I seem to need new rings and a new scope. Have you guys had problems like these? I never had this problem on the Crosman Phantom, however this gun seems to recoil more. This leads me to believe that more strain is put on the scope and these rings and scope just aren't good enough for this rifle. Leave input in the comments if you've had this experience. Definitely helps.

Power - The Sportsman Series RS2 is no pushover when it comes to power. I haven't tried hunting with this rifle as of yet, however, it absolutely rips through cans and bottles. Using .22 caliber pellets, this rifle is quite powerful for a 1000fps spring rifle. It seems to perform better than other rifles that claim to be "1000fps". Now I haven't done extensive pellet testing with this rifle as it was already accurate enough for me  when using Crosman Premier pellets. Yeah, for cheap pellets, they shoot really well. Beeman claims to get 1000fps with .177 pellets and 800fps with .22 pellets. I honestly think that with the 14.3 grain Premiers pellets, you might be getting 700-750fps. That's quite good as companies normally use ultra-lightweight pellets when testing velocities. When those .22 pellets make contact with a filled 2 liter bottle, the RS2's power is clear. I guess .177 is good too, but I would only use them if .22 was really too much. For me, no such occasion has occurred.

Weight and Durability - This rifle is pretty heavy if you plan on shooting it all day. Weighing in at a whopping 6.90 pounds, it's probably not something you'll be shooting for many hours. Your arm will probably kill you, but if you're able to, more power to you! The rifle seems to be pretty durable, but I wouldn't go into the woods with it. There's just something about it that seems unstable. I believe it is the piston shaking inside and I cant say I like that. I definitely wouldn't want to drop this gun. Not to mention the wood stock would get ruined.

Uses - Plain and simple, this is an all-purpose gun. It's a great backyard rifle and an OK hunting rifle too. It will be great for pest control especially given the fact that it's so cheap. I wouldn't reccomend this as a child's first air rifle. The recoil and perfection needed to use it effectively (finding the right hold, etc) will just be too overwhelming for a young kid. Not to mention the effort to actually cock the rifle. If you are looking for a great starter gun, look at the Daisy Powerline 901. Check out my review of it here. It may be a little powerful as a starter with up to 750fps and even though it's a better investment when they'll want something more powerful, you could play it safe and start off with Daisy's 840 Grizzly which is a single pump rifle with a maximum of 350fps. You could also try Daisy's legendary Red Ryder. Both rifles can be purchased without reaching the $100 mark. I own the Grizzly and it is a great starting rifle. I couldn't recommend the Red Ryder as I have no experience with it. If you are interested in any of those guns, click those link! I'm no sellout, but Pyramid Air is a great company with prices that are generally lower than any other site.

The Final Verdict - The Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 is a great deal at just under $100 at Walmart. It looks great and     it shoots pretty well, but accuracy is far from stellar. I can't say anything good about the sights on the gun, but once you get the scope adjusted properly, it's pretty accurate. It's only hitch in accuracy is the low quality scope and scope mounts. Power is great and will pretty much take any small game and would work even better for pests such as rats. I'm not exactly sure about the larger game like raccoon, but I would confidently go for squirrel, rabbit, rats, etc with this rifle. It's a heavy rifle and not something you'll want to shoot all day, but it shouldnt be too much of a problem for a teen or adult with average strength. If you're looking for a cheap, high quality gun (remember that you get what you pay for), the Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 should be a great air rifle for you. Thanks for reading. Remember to be safe and have fun!


  1. I have this rifle, and it shoots very good at ranges up to 70 yards in .22. I have not encountered any of the problems that you mentioned; it IS great for racoons, possoms, etc; I have killed rabbits at 73 yards with the crosman premier pellets (HP). Got mine at Wal mart, too, and have been really happy with it, and have bought another one, also, as well as the one in .22 cal only, with a muzzle brake. It shoots as well or better, and hits harder; 3/4" groups at 50 yards with C. hp premeirs.

  2. I have had one for over a year. The accuracy
    is an issue . I am rebuilding iron sites at present. you can forget getting a scope to work.
    But who needs one for the distance it is used at. It is very strong shooter. i grew up with "Red Rider" then the "Sheridan Silver Streak" it is a very accurate 650 fps pellet rifle(most accurate) of them all!

  3. My son just came to my house tonight for his weekend with me. He bought the scoped RS2 with non-changeable barrels at Mills Fleet with his Mom. He said he had problems hitting things right away. My son is a dead eye since he was young, he's 15 now. When he first shot his youth .243 deer rifle, the guys running the range were slapping him on the back. He's been to the range many times and I have trained him on procedures for sighting in new guns. He had such a problem, he took RS2 back to get it bore sighted with scope with minimal improvement. My first look at the gun it says, Made in China. If I had been with him, this would not have been the choice. I look down the barrel and it is bent upward. You can even see it looking at the gun from the side.
    From my experience, I have 16 years in manufacturing with two global companies, one was a major engine manufacturer. I have seen things from the divisions in China that boggle the mind. Forget being PC, they have a strange attitude toward quality procedures in China. I recently had a conversation with a lady who supervises manufacturing for a global high tech manufacturer and they pulled their one Chinese made model back to the states. Their customers got wind that they had moved it to China and their sales virtually disappeared for that model. When they brought it back, the situation improved. She visited there with another engineer and was apalled at what she discovered. I would buy a pellet gun made in Europe, Japan, Korea, I've heard Russia sells a good one.
    Someone wrote in the above that "something seems unstable and you wouldn't bring it in the woods or drop it." But in the next sentence its a great hunting rifle? Don't try to be so optimistic. It's either a decent rifle or its's not. Another "forget getting a scope to work". I agree.
    We will see if we can get his money back and will buy something else.

    1. Yeah, this is by no means an accurate rifle. Hunting would need to be pretty close. I guess I was being over-optimistic, I will edit the article, because plain and simple, you are definitely right. Thanks for your comment as well as that other info! :D

    2. I have the .177 version. I managed to get some decent groupings at about 50 feet occasionally. It seems that every time I reload and break the barrel, the sights change. I put the scope back on and after about 20 shots and adjustments I got it with in a few inches. Accuracy sucks, and I used to shoot competition small bore and pistol too. I am a good shot and used to split playing cards in half at 50 ft with the cards edges facing me so I am not slouch in shooting. Stay away!

    3. Dude, i love mine, had it for over a year. At first had a problem with Accuracy, for the life of me everytime i got the sights adjusted, it was off again. changed out the barrels, it got better (.22) barrel. However still had some issues with the adjustable sights. put the scope on and boresighted the gun and still was off papper by six inches. took about 15-20 shots for bulls eye. now it don't miss at 50-70 yards using crossman pellets, will buy the kodiak coated .22 pellets next. I'm told they all need a brake in period.

    4. i totally agree, i love this rifle. Bought if for my son who is 9, and a dead shot! The scope took about 15-20 minutes to get it right on. But i honestly have had none of the fore mentioned issues! i bought the black and stainless with .22 and .177 barrels. We love it! hate to hear of the unhappy people, tell ya what, ILL TAKE EM ALL!! its a fabulous learning tool for non shooters. I like nothing more than to give "gun haters" a taste of what their missing. To get them more interested in the big boy/ girl guns. great info people! KEEP SHOOTING!

  4. I just bought this rifle and pretty much out the box i was shooting the numbers out of the rings. I had it zeroed in less than ten min. in low light at about 20 yds. i yanked a couple trying to get used to the trigger squeeze, but other than that it is the best pellet gun ive had.

  5. Talked to my son last night, fortunately got his money back and got a Gamo for 139.00, scope and now he is shooting 1 inch groups at 15-20 yards with the scoped gun. Made in Spain.

  6. i have the .177 RS2 non changeable caliber and it shoots perfect it took about 500 shots and a cleaning or 2 but now that i have had it for a year its great i recently upgraded the scope and scope mount and it should take care of the iron sight problem it has never been a big problem. I shoot same hole groups at 20 yards no problem and can pluck birds off my back fence that is 65 yards now that i have taken the time to sight it in at 55 yards it shoots about 1" and a half groups at 65 yards with a heavier grain pellet IE "RWS Super Dome" just like any rifle that you would buy for this price i did have to lock tight the stock screws and really crank on the mount screws but after everything was rock solid it shot really well i recently adjusted the trigger that was a great help! for the jump i haven't really looked into it but for the money i couldn't beat this gun ill probably look into why the piston shakes ( probably to light weight) if thats the case ill experiment with some variations i will make on my lathe in my free time

    1. That sounds good, and thanks for the input, much appreciated! :)

    2. How do you adjust trigger? Iv messed with it an its all over the place. Worried its unsafe to load

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  8. Accuracy is not to great , power is unreal though .jsb exacts will probably seal the deal

  9. I bought a beeman too and from beginning i have problems with the safety trigger. it won't release and suddenly it will fire when attempting to get it to release. maybe i'm doing something wrong what doubt. I am trying to get a good section drawing of the device so i can try to troubleshoot and repair it.
    At the place i bought it here in Curacao, they wanted to take off the safety. But I don't want to do that because i find it too dabgerous. If anyone have anny sugestions or a section drawing or anything please send me an e-mail at

  10. this pellet rifle is pretty good for the money but its accuracy isnt the best but ive had it for 2 years now and it has done pretty good.Does anyone know what number i should set the iron sights on for twenty yds?

  11. For $98 at Walmart ,the Beeman Rs2 ( .22 cal )shoots 1/2 in. groups at 15 yards. This is after loctite on scope mount screws, and stock screws. Same Air rifle as Tec Fource 89 , made by SAG Industries of China. Powerful but hold sensitive. Adult air rifle . For the price not bad.

  12. I've had my RS2 for over a year and am very happy. I did put on a different scope on just a tasco 3-9x50. i have killed birds at 45 yards and the .22 blows straight through. as far as accuracy shoot lots of diff brands to find witch ones groups best in your gun. My gun will group .5 to .75 in groups at 30 yds with an occasional flyer.

  13. I've had mine for about one week and the iron sights are a bit wobbly. But I find the greatest concern is that each pellet is hand loaded; there's no chute nor bolt that settles the pellet at an exact depth in the chamber. I also note that some rounds are definitely different in size (from the same tin!) and seat loosely or very tight. The loose rounds fly to the left and high, tight makes them come down. These are Crosman Premier .22 Hollow Point. So with the handloading there are so many variables right there that there's no reason for trying to zero a scope - you'd be chasing that zero forever. My advice would be to focus on learning how to seat that round exactly each time, and/or finding a round that is made to exact dimensions. That way you'd get a constant that you could then make scope adjustments you can rely on.

  14. Had my Beeman for about a month. I am handicapped, thus the rifle is quite heavy for me. I find that 1000 fps is under rated, seems to be a bit higher. POWER is really there, having a scope on a Break Barrel unless it is welded to the rifle, you are defeating yourself. Each time I cocked the rifle with the scope on, settings changed. I use what is on the rifle and find those sights accurate and powerful. Pests in my yard do not live long once I am aware of them. The rifle I enjoy the most was a gift for my wife on Mothers Day. The Pink Pump action by Crosman, which did not come with a scope so I put one on that I had laying around. I use the Daisy 177 Precision Max 4.5 mm POINTED pellet, and if you hit the varmint using that pellet in the Beeman as well, look out because there is Hell to pay. Accuracy is really there regardless of the rifle, and not bragging but I have 17 rifles, no pistols as yet. With that I will say Happy Trails for now and always, stay safe and shoot safe.

  15. Got about 500 rounds through mine now. Make sure that barrel set screw is tight, as you use the barrel as the cocking lever, it will eventually work loose unles you lock tite it. Accuracy improved alot after this. My gun also seems to prefer Crossman Premier hp's, which is great as they are readily available at Wally World.I am in the process of upgrading the scope to one with mil-dots.
    Best group Iv'e shot so far is 5rnds into just under 3/4" at 25 yards.

  16. Does anyone know if you can safely disassemble an RS2 dual cal. while it is cocked? I purchased one a year ago to beat a woodchuck off the garden and after 1.5 years took it out of the box, probably too late to return it. Sighting in, I fired 15 shots and then while aiming thought the barrel might not be shut tight, so I broke it and re-closed it. After that the trigger would not fire. The safe and trigger feel like they are working ok but the trigger will not release. There is no resistance when cocking now and I do not see the spring in the slot when I remove the stock. Maybe the spring broke? I am building a spring compressor and want to try disassembly. How can I tell if it is cocked? Has anyone had experience or knowledge in disassembling a cocked rifle?

  17. i purchased this rifle from Wal-Mart about one year ago for $124. It was the least expensive .22 pellet gun they stocked. With the exception of the scope I was impressed by the rifle's appearance and weight. First, i shot with the adjustable sights. The power was almost amazing, and very impressive. Unfortunately, the sights were horrid. So, I installed the scope. It too was horrible. Then, i replaced it with the scope from my 30-06. Its accuracy was improved dramaticly, but i was expecting better. After reading about some of the quirks of holding a pellet gun, the accuracy improved even more. With practice the results were impressive. With patience you can make this a really, really nice rifle. It isn't where i want it to be just yet, but i confident the best is yet to come. The trigger pull is heavy, but that is adjustable and will improve accuracy yet again. Also, i haven't really done any experimentation with pellet weight and design. Even so, Its "knock down" power" and accuracy is very impressive 35 to 45 yds. I have dropped squirrels at these distances with head shots. Heart and lung shots are just as deadly. This rifle is quite enough you can hear the pellet impact the squirrel and it sounds like a hammer striking wood. Others have written that this rifle is deadly up to 70 yds, and I have not reason not to believe it. If you bought this rifle and have been disappointed don't worry. Work with your options.

  18. Have you ever had a problem with the barrel coming loose?

  19. Like any other cheaply made machine everything comes loose, and things need modifying. The rifle shoots hard but you'll never get perfect accuracy. With my real scope I can dime group at 40 yards a shot or two and then one takes off on it's on. Over and over. Domed pellets are the only ones which shoot that good. Forget hollow p., mine stray a foot or more in 50 yd.

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  21. Put a Bushnell 22 rimfire scope on mine and have had no problems. I've probably fired around 1000 rounds so far with no issue. I picked up the scope at walmart years ago for 15 bucks not sure how much they are now. Maybe i just got lucky but I'm not having any of the issues mentioned in this review.

  22. first time i ever read comments - thank you all for making sense - a lot of help in just a little time - be well